Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FTI has a solution for anyone...Anytime Anywhere: RV Parks & Campgrounds

FTI has a solution for anyone...Anytime Anywhere
RV Parks & Campgrounds
Located in scenic, out-of-the-way locations, RV Parks and Campgrounds are often beyond the reach of DSL or cable Internet service.  Moreover, the RV Parks and Campgrounds are likely to have a relatively small number of potential Internet users with even less actual users of the Internet service.  Finally, RV Parks and Campgrounds have a cyclic clientele with peaks and valleys in their attendance making any fixed cost contracted service such as a DSL or other satellite service cost prohibitive during the “slack months”.  As such, this group of potential customers will find the features of the FTI service worthy of consideration.

FTI offers flexible monthly subscription plans, such as Fixed Rate Billing, that offers Internet capacity by the MByte. The most attractive would be the Fixed Rate billing with purchases of Internet capacity by the MByte.  The RV Park operator can purchase only what they expect to use on the inbound and outbound links to the Internet and pay for those Mbytes monthly.  Unused Mbytes are banked (rolled over to use a cell phone term) and can be used in months when usage exceeds the monthly purchased amount.  Accordingly, a RV Park operator can build a bank of Mbytes to be used during peak periods while paying a lower monthly subscription service.  At any time the RV Park operator can adjust the monthly guarantee of Mbytes purchased with a written request to FTI.  The requested change will take place on the first billing cycle 30 days after receipt of the request.  This is perfect for the RV Park operator that knows when the “slack months” occur.  No other Internet service offers this level of subscription flexibility.

Another advantage is the lower levels of latency of the FTI service when compared with other satellite Internet services, higher reliability in times of local weather when compared with other satellite services and the averaging of Fair Access Policy increases over the entire month rather than a 24 hour period like other satellite Internet services.

FTI is the only Internet Service Provider that provides multiple billing and service Fair Access Policy (FAP) options for the ultimate in end user Internet experience.

FTI provides the RV Park owner both custom designed wired and wireless Hot Spot solutions together with financing and revenue sharing options.

The Revenue Sharing Option provides the RV Campground operator the ability to avoid monthly Internet and equipment leasing costs entirely or sharing in the capital costs and increasing the percentage of revenue sharing for the operator.  In this plan, FTI will turnkey the construction of the capital costs of the RV Park and provide Internet Service. 

No capital contribution by the RV Park owner is required for a 10% share of the gross revenues collected by FTI.  For each 25% of the total capital costs for the project contributed by the RV Park owner, the RV Park owner receives an additional 10% share of revenues.   In this way, the RV Park owner can receive up to 50% of the revenues leaving 50% for FTI to fund the cost of the Internet services.   ONLY QUALIFIED RV PARKS WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS OPTION.

FTI recognizes that the telephone company DSL or T1 service will eventually reach even the most remote locations with high-speed Internet service.  Whether this occurs next month or next year or longer, the FTI equipment package utilized in the RV Park will never be obsolete or unnecessary.  FTI offers a Internet Service Provider load balancer option that can combine the FTI satellite Internet service with up to two additional Internet services to increase reliability, increase access to the Internet and increase data rates even further enhancing the Internet experience for the end users.