Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FTI Product Spotlight: PRI in the SKY!

Foundation Telecommunications, Inc.announces the newest lineup in satellite services available to small and large companies alike. An addition to our satellite internet backup solutions, PRI in the SKY, a telephone system recovery service that restores your existing PRI service instantly in the event of a disaster or service interruption.

After an outage occurs, PRI in the Sky™ enables your existing phone system to switch over to a satellite connection, instantly restoring normal functionality and turning every connected station into a satellite phone.
PRI in the Sky™ is compatible with Avaya, Nortel, Lucent, Cisco, NEC, 3COM, Alcatel, Mitel and any other system using PRI/ISDN for carrier connections.
A single satellite dish can support up to 92 concurrent calls in multiple formats (PRI, analog, E & M trunks) and simultaneously provide backup internet service.

Other PRI in the Sky™ benefits include:

  • Always on, easy to test
  • Move a PRI connection anywhere there’s broadband internet access with Portable PRI™
  • Circumvent carrier failure and/or congestion
  • Backup internet service simultaneously provided
  • Included Voice Recovery Service™ provides unrivaled flexibility and control: route some calls to PRI in the Sky™, others to mobile phones, landlines, other locations, voicemail, and more, all controllable remotely in real-time
  • Voice Recovery Service™ also provides complete backup to PRI in the Sky™ in case of power failure, equipment failure, or evacuation
  • VoiceCast mass notification (voice, text, email) and Fax Recovery Service™ are included
  • Satisfy compliance requirements (including 2009 Joint Commission EM.02.02.01)
  • May qualify for ASPR, DHS and other federal and state grant programs

After an outage, PRI in the Sky™ satellite-enables your entire existing phone system, and every phone connected to it.

In partnership with Telecom Recovery, this service rapidly restores control of incoming calls during telecom outages, whether caused by power outage, equipment failure, cable cut or disaster.
  • Quickly recover all your existing numbers, including DID’s and toll-frees
  • Recover from all types of outages and disasters, even catastrophes such as Katrina and 9/11
  • Unparalleled control during the outage with the Web Call Controller™
  • Connect live calls to the right employees – during your outage – even employees still inside the building that's experiencing the outage
  • Highly transparent and professional to callers, who may have no idea you're experiencing an outage
  • Unlimited voicemail boxes are included, to back up every phone number, every extension, every department, every employee
  • Easily testable, with free minutes to burn every month
  • No hardware, No software, No change of carriers
  • Scalable, from small business to enterprise
  • Surprisingly affordable, with No declaration or activation charges

  •  VoiceCast Mass Notification--rapidly sends messages to thousands of people; voice, SMS/text, and/or email messages, and more...
  • Fax Recovery Service--recover incoming faxes after almost any outage or disaster, secure online storage of originals, immediate delivery to email as PDF or TIFF, and more...
  • Emergency Information Hotline--Always on, always ready, unlimited recordings, unlimited voicemail, multiple languages supported and more...
  • Compliance/BCDR Plan-satisfies compliance requirements in many industries, hard/soft copies provided, diagrams, and much more...
  • Many cool tools to enhance your service: instant conferencing, polling, boomerang, uniform call distribution, and much much more...
Phone outages are no fun. In a disaster, a lack of communication can be deadly. Though more common outages such as cable cuts and equipment failure are more temporary, they can still be quite costly, and they're always embarrassing to your organization's reputation.
What kind of pain do you feel when the phone lines are down? How much pain do your callers feel?
Telecom Recovery is a pioneer in the rapid recovery of communications after a telecommunications outage, with a unique focus on the restoration of the incoming calls to existing phone numbers. With the partnership of Telecom Recovery's Voice Recovery Service™ and FTI's satellite internet system, complete control of incoming calls to all phone numbers – including individual DID's – can be restored in only minutes, allowing callers to be handled in almost any way imaginable, and enabling quick adaptation to changing circumstances on-the-fly, even while calls are in progress.
There's no hardware or software to buy or install and it works seamlessly with existing carriers and equipment. It's powerful, fast, flexible, comprehensive, and perhaps best of all, affordable.
If you want to see a real-time demonstration of one of the coolest – or hottest – technologies you've ever seen, contact us soon to schedule a time. It takes less than an hour, and it will surprise and impress you with its capability and value.