Friday, April 2, 2010

Using Satellite for Business Continuity

If a disaster strikes, every minute counts when your network operations go down.  Planning for recovery of critical I.T. assets can make the difference between business interruption and strategic recuperation.

Through experience and access to the latest satellite technology, FTI aids enterprises large and small to implement primary or network backup communications to help mitigate potential business disruptions and restore to normal operations quickly.

FTI's VSAT satellite solutions meet the needs of hospitals, large corporations, banks, and financial institutions worldwide.

Virtually every company depends on Internet connectivity to conduct its normal operations. But only few businesses consider the risks of only having a single land-line based Internet service provider (ISP). Unfortunately, many businesses have learned about these risks the hard way. Simple water main repairs or routine road construction may have accidentally damaged or disconnected a land-line. An infrastructure failure or natural disaster may have caused an unforeseen interruption in service. In any case, these businesses experienced a drop in productivity—immediately.

Even a few minutes of lost time during peak hours can sometimes translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost business and productivity.It’s not enough to have just one Internet connection—you need a backup. And you need a backup that’s completely independent of the land-line infrastructure, and not vulnerable to the same risks. That’s where back-up satellite Internet solutions scores over traditional terrestrial Internet.

The satellite Business Continuity solution helps businesses stay running at all times. Business Continuity is redundant Internet access that gives businesses the ability to automatically switch traffic among multiple Internet connections. When the primary link goes down, the satellite link takes over. Meanwhile, QoS prioritization guarantees bandwidth to most important applications.

When the primary link goes down, your customers get the WAN/ISP failover that automatically switches the critical Internet traffic to the VSAT Systems backup link. QoS priority and bandwidth management can be decided according to requirements to guarantee bandwidth for critical applications.

While this may be a standard market for satellite communication services, unlike other broadband satellite providers, everything we offer is business-grade. Which means we provide the highest quality VSAT equipment. One primary failure incident averted pays for the service several times over.