Monday, November 23, 2009

President's Corner:

2009 is a benchmark year for Foundation Telecommunications, Inc. with much to look back on since its original incorporation in 1979. Thirty years of continuously providing telecommunications solutions through innovative applications of leading edge satellite and wireless technologies has served both the company and its clients well over the years. Some of those include:

  • 15 years of continuous engineering support for SCOLA, a non-profit institution now serving over 41 million viewers with foreign language programming
  • 17 years of the provision of continuous uninterrupted two-way high-speed satellite Internet to extremely rural geographically isolated K-12 schools in the Wyoming Equality Network
  • 17 years of providing two-way high-speed Internet and secured VPN services via satellite technology to schools, businesses, government agencies, cable television companies, Internet Service Providers and others
The next decade promises to include the development of even more impressive telecommunications technologies that will allow higher data rates at lower power requirements providing wireless services direct to end users over wider distances more reliably than every before.