Thursday, March 15, 2012

FTI Satellite Internet PLUS

Product Spotlight:

FTI Satellite Internet PLUS

The purpose of FTI’s Satellite Internet PLUS is to provide our customers with a cost effective seamless migration to T1 or DSL primary service while utilizing the existing high-speed Internet equipment and FTI Internet services. There are several scenarios in where the FTI’s Satellite Internet PLUS service will enhance the end user’s experience.

This service can not only be used as a backup for those periods when demands of the Internet subscribers exceed the available capacity of the primary T1 or DSL service, but also provides a backup solution in the event of failure of the primary Internet service. The new service provides load balancing between multiple Internet service providers in order to increase data rates, decrease the contention for end user Internet access and increase reliability with double redundancy at the lowest possible cost. 

Key Benefits are:

Business Continuity –By employing multiple ISPs along with FTI’s service, the risk of downtime is significantly reduced so if one carrier is unavailable two other sources are immediately available to ensure continuity. Faster Internet Access –Multiple concurrent ISPs mean more available bandwidth for users, services, and applications eliminating Internet access bottlenecks.

Load Balancing—Specific traffic can be sent down (or up) specific links and be instantly automatically redirected during a failure.

The PLUS service allows up to three different simultaneous gateways to the Internet.
  • Any Telephone Internet Service
    • Flat rate and lowest latency
  • Lowest data rate FTI Commercial Satellite Internet Service (C/Ku Band)
    • Up to 8mbps downloads
    • Lowest Cost and Highest Data Allowance
  • Highest Availability Small Dish High Speed Satellite Internet Service
    • Up to 12mbps downloads
    • Highest latency
    • Lowest Availability
Although terrestrial networks have an established record of providing relatively reliable service to customers network outages are an unfortunate reality because wire-line services are exposed to a variety of disruptive events.

There is no way of predicting when an unplanned outage will occur or how long it might last. For customers considering a fault-tolerant business continuity and disaster recovery plan, a redundant VSAT network is a highly reliable option for maintaining communications.


  1. I agree that VSAT is highly reliable. I think the two main hurdles remaining would be latency issues and cost. But otherwise, I would recommend it especially in remote locations where terrestrial infrastructure for communications are non-existent.

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