Friday, August 20, 2010

Word from the President of FTI:

How many of us have occupied hours trying to find the one Christmas tree light in the string that caused the entire string of lights to go dark? How many of us have lost our cable service because of a failure of a piece of equipment located miles away? How many small rural small communities have lost their 9-1-1 or telephone service because of a prairie fire, flood or other natural disaster in some distant location? 

Unfortunately, the traditional telecommunications systems continue to be implemented with each successive device dependent upon signals from prior devices whether it is a cable or telephone network. Herein, is the clear advantage of two-way satellite broadband. Services to satellite customers are delivered direct from a point on the Internet “backbone” through a single point of possible failure located 22,300 miles in orbit to their location. No prairie fire, flood, tornado or other natural disaster can interfere with that path. 

No domestic terrorist attack upon the command and control or power grid of the United States can stop the broadband service; broadband services that are currently being used for Internet, entertainment, and telephone services. Whether used as a backup or a primary service, there seems to be an irrefutable argument for two-way satellite broadband services for years to come.


  1. Only George. George you have always been a visionary. Only Linda has been able to keep you grounded.

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